Team Members

Vangoo Capital Partners boasts of a professional team with global vision and rich resources, which provides the core resources to conduct lucrative investment operations, and ensures the value of the invested enterprises fully realized. Vangoos team members have rich development and working experiences in a number of countries and regions; they are familiar with both the domestic commercial and legal environment, and the advanced technology and management philosophy from overseas. Through years of investment, entrepreneurship, consulting, corporate operations and management, the team members have accumulated a wealth of experiences in local projects management, and have also built an extensive talent and social resources network. The team members' professional background covers natural sciences, technical expertise, financial management and legal affairs.
The team membersBy last name pinyin alphabetical order
  • Xu Ping
  • Kai Liu
  • Zoey Yu
  • Doris
  • Toshimi Miyoshi
  • Tianhong Xu
  • Qi Xu

    Xu Ping
    Founding Partner & CEO
    Vangoo Capital Partners.

    Xu Ping started her business career as a fund manager of an asset management company before joining Nikko antfactory K.K. (now Ant Capital Partners). While serving as Managing Partner of Ant Capital Partners, she created China investment team and took positions as the first Head of China and Asia Investment Division and established a subsidiary of Ant Capital Partners in China, Vangoo Capital Partners (Beijing) which operates the first RMB fund in Japan raised from the first class institutional investors in 2008. Xu Ping was responsible for China and Asia Investment Division, focusing on Venture Capital and Growth Capital investments in Greater China as well as real estate business development.

    Xu Ping is one of famous pioneers in cross border transactions and an expert of creating investment scheme between China and Japan with more than 10 years experiences in private equity investment. She invested in more than 20 portfolio companies of consumer business, medical & health care service and energy related fields. Based on these deep knowledge and international experiences as well as strong and broad connections with business and financial industry, Xu Ping accomplished a lot of cross border alliances and advisory services of many M&A deals, such as Honma Golf and Tri-Wall Group. In 2011, Xu Ping became independent from Ant Capital Partners by acquiring Vangoo Capital Partners (Beijing) as management buy-out and have taken over whole operation of Ant Capital Partners investments in China as well as funds under management. She holds a B.A. in Economics from KEIO University, Japan. and Executive MBA of Guanghua School of Management Peking University, BeijingChina.

    Zhengyan Cao
    Management Partner and Director
    Vangoo Capital Partners .

    Since 2008, Mr. Cao has been working with Ant Capital Partners and Vangoo Capital respectivelyhe participated in and initiated a dozen of deals, including Dianping, Milanoo, and Xian Triangle, and has acquired years investment experiences. In addition, Mr. Cao holds a concurrent post, the director of the joint venture Yi Xin Kai Yuan Healthcare Investment Fund set up by CITIC Trust, EPS and Vangoo. Before entering Vangoo, he worked at Replus Advisors, a Japanese real estate fund, at which he was a team member of S- REIT IPO project, China-oriented large real estate fund operation and PE investment. Mr. Cao holds a FMBA of CKGSB, masters degree from Tokyo University, bachelors degree from Fudan University. In 2012, he was elected the CBN Weekly top 50 best partners of the year 2012.

    Tao Zheng
    Partner, U.S. CPA
    Vangoo Capital Partners .

    Before joining Vangoo capital, Mr Zheng has more than 10 years working experience in investment banking practices, such as M&A advisory services, investment and financing. He worked as the deputy chief representative in Beijing Representative Office for Daiwa Securities SMBC, responsible for China M&A business, and government relations maintenance.Since 2006, he had worked as Vice President for Daiwa Securities SMBC in Tokyo, mainly in charge of the business development and execution of M&A transactions. Before joining Daiwa Securities SMBC, he worked in PwC Tokyo for three years, responsible for M&A advisory services, due diligence and enterprise evaluation, etc.

    Up to now, Mr. Zheng has participated and accomplished more than 20 M&A transactions in transportation, telecommunication services, retail, car manufacturing and sales industries. After Mr. Zheng joined Vangoo Capital Partners, he has focused on TMT investments. Yokohama National University International Economics graduate, bachelor's degree.

    Cara Pan
    Vice General Manager
    Vangoo Capital Partners .

    In early 2009, Ms. Pan joined Vangoo Capital Partners, and she has participated and has been in charge of equity investments of Adwo media, Dianping, Cape Medical, Xi'an Triangle Airlines, and Prudent Energy. Ms. Pan also serves as Vangoo's legal director, responsible for the auditing of legal documents of all investment projects, and she has parcipitated in many important business negotiations. Previously, Ms. Pan worked at Tsinghua University and she worked with some renowned domestic law firms as well. Tsinghua University Law School graduate, master's degree.

    Youting GUO
    Investmen Manager.

    Mr. Youting Guo worked at Casio Computer Co., Ltd.; and he headed the due diligence team of Gerson Lehrman Group Asia-Pacific Region; he was the deputy director of group-level corporate strategy consultant at Japan's Nomura Research Institute.? Mr. Guo has extensive experience in market assessment and business operational. ?He graduated from Jilin University School of Law.

    Yao PENG
    Investmen Manager.

    Mr. Peng worked as industrial researcher at Taikang Asset Management Company, and then he worked as investment manager at SDIC Innovation Investment Management Co. ?Mr. Peng has rich investment experiences in TMT, healthcare and high-end equipment manufacturing. ?Mr. Peng graduated from Tsinghua University with Master's degree majoring in Electronic and Information Engineering.

    Kai Liu
    Senior Investment Manager
    Vangoo Capital Partners .

    Mr. Liu worked in telecommunication industry more than ten years. Mr. Liu has a profound understanding on telecommunication and internet industries. After joining Vangoo Capital, Mr. Liu focuses on investment in the field of TMT.  MBA of Tsinghua University, master of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Jun Zhu
    Investment Manager
    Yi Xin Kai Yuan (Suzhou) Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Zhu joined Yi Xin Kai Yuan Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd. in 2011. Prior to that, he worked in a leading investment bank - Canaccord Genuity and two pharmaceutical companies - Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co. and CITIC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He has focused on the healthcare investment and business development including products license and market research. Mr. Zhu graduated from Peking University, Master in Pharmacy.

    Qian Hu
    nvestment Manager
    Yi Xin Kai Yuan (Suzhou) Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.

    Focusing on biotechnology, pharmaceutical innovation, medical device, medical services, medical information and life science investment, she participated a number of M&A and financial investment projects. Ms.Hu special specializes in anti-tumor areas, and she has profound insight in multinational cooperation and technology transfer with multinational corporations. She worked with Sumitomo Corporation, responsible for project development, screening, investment operations, asset replacement, post-investment management, and investment planning which are consistent with the company's development strategy. MD and PhD in Kyoto University.

    Tianhong Xu
    Venture Partner
    Yi Xin Kai Yuan (Suzhou) Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.

    Focusing on investing in healthcare companies. Prior to that, Dr. Xu was a Medical Industry Expert for United Nations-Industrial Development Organization. Previously, he was a venture partner for Austin venture capital firm. He also co-founded a biotech and CRO company in the US. He has extensive experience as a biomedical scientist and clinician in Texas Childrens Hospital in the US and Renji Hospital. He has published a dozen of top-quality peer-reviewed journals. He also serves as adjunct Professor of Nanjing University of Technology.

    He received his MD and PhD from Baylor College of Medicine in the US, and BS from Fudan University.

    Toshimi Miyoshi
    Venture Partner
    Yi Xin Kai Yuan (Suzhou) Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.

    Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration, a famous Japanese venture capitalist. Mr. Miyoshi worked at a leading Japanese private equity firm ANT CAPITAL, and he has more than ten years investment experiences in medical and health field, initiating investment projects with more than forty pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

    Qi Xu
    Venture Partner / Founder of medication history network company (
    Yi Xin Kai Yuan (Suzhou) Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.

    Ms. Xu served as the first representative in China for "U.S. R & D and Pharmaceutical Producers Association" (PhRMA), and she worked as senior economic policy director for China R & D Pharmaceutical Industry Association (RDPAC). She worked as international finance director and director of corporate strategy for Pharmacia Corporation (Pharmacia Corporation, now Pfizer). Ms. Xu has accumulated many years of work experiences with a number of international pharmaceutical companies, in charge of international business negotiations, mergers and acquisitions and technology transfer, new product pricing and launching, and government relation, and she is a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry consultants and advisers. Ms. Xu received her Bachelors Degree in Physics from Peking University and MBA degree (Finance) from Washington University in St. Louis.

    Vangoo Capital Partners. Investment Associate

    As a senior investment manager, worked in Zhuhai Financial Investment Holding Group co., LTD., focusd on TMT and consumption upgrade, had rich experience in fund management and operation.

    Graduated from Shenzhen University,with master degree in technology economics and management. CPA certification (certified public accountant).

    Zoey Yu
    Vangoo Capital Partners. Legal Director

    Ms. Yu worked at renowned domestic law firm. Ms. Yu is familiar with the laws and regulations on the areas of company, contract, foreign investment, real estate and etc. and has rich practical experience. Ms. Yu provided the whole process of legal services for assets transferring/equity merger and acquisition projects of the large and medium-sized enterprises, including but not limited to due diligence, deal structure designing, legal documents drafting, contract negotiating and filing with the competent authorities. She also provided legal services to many foreign enterprises for establishing the private equity fund in mainland China. Ms. Yu graduated from China University of Politic Science and Law, with master degree of law. Ms. Yu was authorized of Legal Professional Qualification in 2008.

    Vangoo Capital Partners. Vice President

    Before join in vangoocapital,zhangyanling worked at Xinhuanet、People's Daily Online and Shanda domestic and overseas listed .She has invested the Okooo、microbeam、Ku6、Sun-tv、Xiami and other projects and accumulated rich equity investment experience in the field of TMT、entertainment.

    She graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, master of business management, bachelor of polymer material