Mergers and Acquisition

Vangoo Capital Partners is the best partner for Chinese enterprises in international mergers and acquisitions.

The value of Chinese enterprises’ going abroad for international mergers and acquisitions is:

To acquire quality international brands, stable international sales platform;

To acquire traditional R & D capability and advanced manufacturing technologies;

And to merge the overseas high technologies with the high-growth domestic markets of China

Vangoo, with its localized mature management team, endeavors to help domestic companies to overseas through mergers and acquisition, completing industrial upgrading, and also to help foreign enterprises to locate best business partners in China so they can settle down here smoothly.

Through this two-way communication, Vangoo encourages the birth of a new generation of Asian brand names.

Vangoo Capital Partners is one of the best partners for Chinese enterprises in the field of international mergers and acquisitions, especially in the areas of mergers and acquisitions in Japan, Vangoo has many years of investment and capital management experiences between Japan and China and has accumulated a wealth of resources. Vangoo is very familiar with and has a good understanding of Japanese companies, getting an insight of the differences between China and Japan. Vangoo has a deep grasp and understanding of the difficulties in Sino-Japanese mergers and acquisition. Joint funds have been set up to help the first-class Japanese companies to locate potential Chinese buyers, and to help the Chinese companies that are seeking technical support and industrial upgrading.

Honma Golf
In Feb 2010, Vangoo facilitated and assisted a Chinese company to realize the acquisition of Honma Golf.
From reducing labor and material costs, to increasing packing density and efficiency, Tri-Wall Pak offers numerous benefits throughout the global logistics and supply chain. Its environmental role in reducing consumption of forest resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions is now widely recognized. In June 2010, Vangoo helped a Chinese to accomplish an acquisition of this company.