Cooperative Companies

CITIC Juxin (Beijing) Capital Management Ltd.

CITIC Juxin (Beijing) Capital Management Limited was set up in April 17, 2012 in Beijing, with a registered capital of 150 million yuan. Ratified by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, CITIC Juxin (Beijing) Capital Management Ltd. was set up by CITIC Trust Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned equity investment management platform, the functions of which is to facilitate its cooperation with the industrial parties to set up a joint venture fund management companies to conduct private equity investment businesses.

CITIC Trust, the shareholder of CITIC Juxin, was established in March 1, 1988, with a registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan, as a wholly owned subsidiary of China CITIC Limited. Under the direct supervision of China Banking Regulatory Commission, CITIC Trust is the biggest national non-bank financial institutions with its principal businesses based on trust industry. It boasts of the largest scale in capital management and it embraces the biggest consolidated operating strength.

CITIC Juxin, a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Trust, is responsible for fund setup and management, fulfilling its responsibilities in supervision and management of fundraising, investment operation, fund management and exit strategies as a shareholder. Fund investment will involve a number of areas, including hydropower industry, medical industry, metallurgical industry, energy and mining and culture-related industries.

With the support from CITIC Trust, the team members of CITIC Juxin Capital Management endeavors to hold fast business ethics, excellence in innovation, superior operational capacity, and mature project implementation experiences. Citic Juxin keeps the heritage of CITIC Trust in business strategy, operations management, and risk control, realizing a sound and efficient fund management and providing a comprehensive and full support for the company's healthy and rapid development.

CITIC Trust has a sound financial risk control system, covering the stages of capital raising, fund management, and capital investment, which will greatly facilitate the safety of the raised medical fund.


EPS (China) Co., Ltd.

EPS (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of EPS (Japan) Co., Ltd., as headquarter for deployment around China of EPS Group.

EPS, founded in 1991, is the earliest and biggest enterprise in Japanese pharmaceutical CRO (Contract Research Organization, R & D outsourcing organization) field, and it is a public listed company on Japan's Topix (stock code: 4282).

EPS Group has over 20 years’ rapid development, has become a high-tech pharmaceutical group company, consisting of CRO (clinical trial planning and supervision), SMO (Advance clinical trials to help hospitals), as well as hospital management and consulting business. Compared to other CRO companies, EPS has accumulated unique and more extensive management experience in the operation of large-scale clinical trials. As a forerunner in CRO industry, EPS has an annual growth rate of nearly 20% in high-speed development in recent years, and it has successively invested in many enterprises in China, accumulating rich experiences about investment management in China.

As EPS Group is a global CRO services company, with its operations located in Japan, China, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, India, South Africa and other countries in the world, it has an unparalleled advantage in bringing new products and new technologies to Chinese domestic enterprises.

EPS (China) Co., Ltd.